Announcements Galore at Rail Futures Conference

The Rail Freight Alliance; Rail Futures Conference 2018 has seen announcements galore as the Victorian State Government election looms.
With an impressive line-up of Government and Coalition Members of Parliament. Minister Allen got the announcements rolling, announcing details the Regional Rail Revival Projects across Victoria and a further $130 million program to untangle the Ballarat rail network and provide faster and more reliable freight paths from the Murray Basin region to the ports.
In welcoming the announcement Rail Freight Alliance Chair Glenn Milne said, “any announcements providing faster and more reliable freight paths from the Murray Basin region to the ports is a positive one. RFA has long advocated for a greater investment in Rail Mode Share. The State Government has committed significant funds to regional rail across Victorian over the past year and it’s great to see that commitment continue”
Shadow Minister David Davis and Deputy Leader of the Coalition Shadow Minister Peter Walsh announced the Liberal Nationals plan to revitalise freight to Victorian Ports.
RFA Chair Glenn Milne welcomed the commitment of a $20 million over four years in a four-year extension of the Mode Shift Incentive Scheme. “We wrote to both Major Parties calling on them for a pre-election commitment of a 4 year increase to the Mode Shift Incentive Scheme and we are thrilled to see the Coalition come to the party”
Also aligning with Rail Freight Alliance Policy, the announcement of an additional $80 Million funds by the Coalition for passing lops and signalling of the Mildura line and a commitment for a feasibility study to assess options for a rail link connecting Webb Dock with the freight Network.
“It is heartening to see both the current State Government and Coalition with a committed focus on getting more freight on Rail, we have long advocated for more freight on rail and it is great to see the emphasise from both Parties.” RFA Chair Glenn Milne said
“We have invested a lot of time advocating on behalf of our members. We have worn out a lot of shoe leather going in and out of Parliament House meeting with Minister, Shadow Ministers and Members of Parliament it its great to see the success of all our effort.” Said Glenn Milne RFA Chair


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