The Rail Freight Alliance is made up of rural, regional and metropolitan municipalities in Victoria. The Alliance was first formed in 1997 due to growing frustration with the lack of rail connectivity both within Victoria and with the neighbouring States and the lack of investment in Victoria’s antiquated 19th century rail freight system.


The Alliance’s Mission is: 

To advocate for:

  • Rail standardisation of key rail lines in Victoria
  • Upgrading and connecting to a National Rail Freight Network
  • A competitive, independent and open access rail freight system
  • Seamless freight logistics that will facilitate efficient rail freight movement
  • A competitive, independent and non-discriminatory Open Access rail freight system in Victoria;
  • A seamless freight logistics that will facilitate the movement of bulk freight by rail, rather than by road.

The benefits for Local Government from the achievement of the above objectives will be: The facilitation of regional economic development through having an efficient, competitive and connective rail freight system. Significant social, environmental and economic community benefits derived from having fewer bulk haulage trucks on our roads.