VLine CEO Agrees to Independent Review of Heat Restriction Standards 

VLine Chief Executive Officer, James Pinder, has today confirmed that VLine would commission an independent review of its Heat Restriction Standards introduced in December 2016.

Rail Freight Alliance Chair, Cr Glenn Milne, welcomed the announcement and highlighted the hard-work of Rail Freight Alliance members, industry and stakeholders in bringing VLine to the table.

“This is the culmination of months of hard work by the Rail Freight Alliance to have a fair and independent review of VLine’s Heat Restriction Standards,” Cr Milne said

“Rail Freight Alliance has consistently called for an independent review since these standards were introduced. We have said quite clearly that the current situation is unacceptable.

“When the State’s freight network has been effectively ground to a halt, nobody wins. Safety is paramount but we need a path forward.

“Rail Freight Alliance looks forward to working with VLine and industry stakeholders around the terms of reference for this review and timelines.”



VLine introduced new heat restriction standards in December 2016. As a result of these changes, many freight trains have been effectively stopped on days where the temperature exceeds 33 degrees, leaving crop stranded and rail operators and users seriously disadvantaged. 

These changes were introduced without consideration, consultation or warning by VLine. 

Rail Freight Alliance has called for an independent review of these standards since their introduction. A matter which has been resisted by VLine and the State Government. 

Even as late as 4 April 2017 at a meeting with Rail Freight Alliance and industry, VLine Chief Executive Officer, James Pinder, resisted calls for an independent review. 

Media Contact: Rail Freight Alliance Executive Officer, Reid Mather – 0428 772 264 

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